About Me

Welcome to Christine Explains It All, where I, Christine, will attempt to explain. It. All.

And not unlike my childhood hero, Clarissa Darling, I will explain it all while wearing a side ponytail, a denim shirt, polka dotted biker shorts, and combat boots. 90′s fashion is coming back in style, you know. Last time I went to the mall, crop tops were everywhere. This is a highly unfortunate trend, as most Americans have no business wearing anything that is cropped whatsoever, myself included. But I digress.

For the one or two readers who happen to have stumbled upon my corner of the internet who don’t already know me, I’m a 27-year-old unmarried woman (gasp!) who used to live in New York City but returned home to Buffalo, NY (double gasp!) to live a super sweet life. I have a lot of interests which I plan to cover here, including (but not limited to) pop culture, entertainment, baking, restaurant reviews, sports, and fashion. And basically anything my heart desires, because this is my blog! I hope you like it, but if you don’t, the little red X is in the upper right hand corner.


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